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Thai massage benefits

 The intended effect of a Thai Massage is to help the body rebalance its energy. Other benefits may include improved flexibility, improved circulation, improved body alignment and posture, and deeper breathing. 

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Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage reaches deeper layers of muscles. It is used to break down knots and relieve pressure points throughout the body. This massage is beneficial for athletes and those who sit for long periods of time. 



Thai massage

 Thai Massage work focuses a lot of attention on the legs and feet, and a Thai Massage should always begin at the feet and move up the body. In Thailand, the acupressure and stretches are generally deep and strong; however, most Western practitioners will work within their client’s pain threshold and only do extremely deep work on clients who request it.  When doing Thai Massage, the therapist works with a gentle rocking motion, using the shifting body weight to apply pressure 


Hot Stone

Hot Stone Massage is often paired with Swedish Massage. Stones are heated and used with oils to sooth, warm, and massage your muscles. This allows your body to relax and release tension and stress. 

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